Quality Management System ISO 9001 for hospitals: The benefits of implementation.

We have examined why it can be envisioned that ISO 9001 standardization would help hospitals, but exactly whatbenefits and Return on Investment (ROI) could be expected?

  • Uniformity of objectives and methodologies: would allow all hospitals to use the same processes to pursue goals.
  • Costs: shared processes and methods allow staff to transfer and work at other sites seamlessly with a minimum of training.
  • Staff costs: it could be strongly argued that if a standardized quality management process existed within hospitals, that considerable administrative and expensive management costs could be eliminated, given that standard processes, training,objectives, and goals would exist.
  • Morale: shared and well‐communicated objectives with a defined corrective action process, supported by sturdy customer feedback, risk management, internal audit, and corrective action procedures, ensure that staff have a defined goal and improves morale.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: the absolute goal of any ISO implementation process. Measuring, review, and action versus the respective clauses of the standard should ensure the continual improvement cycle and provide better service and effective lessons learned for the benefit of the end user,the patient.