ISO 14001 Environmental Management System for hospitals: The benefits of implementation

We have examined why it can be envisioned that ISO 14001 standardization would help hospitals, but exactly what benefits and Return on Investment(ROI) could be expected?

  • Identify, understand and monitor the environmental impacts of your activities and the risks involved.
  • Be aware of the organization’s direct environmental impact, as well as indirect impact through you suppliers
  • Implement necessary controls in order to manage all factors impacting the environment.
  • Establish an environmental policy and objectives
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and meet stakeholder demands.
  • Continually improve your management system.
  • Improve your resource management, including use of energy, which also may imply a reduction in the cost of running your operations.
  • Facilitate reductions in pollution, waste generation, chemical handling and unintended discharges to the environment.
  • Enhance your environmental performance over time.