The Alpha Metra Training Center is providing top quality standards for Continuing Medical education and professional Development (CME/CPD) for physicians and health care providers and community members that is mandatory for obtaining the official medical permit in order to practice safe and premium health care in the Arab and African countries and around the world. The objective is to enhance knowledge, skills and performance of all health personnel, thereby improving care for the community they serve.

For this scope Alpha Metra Training Center employ top experts in Self Development and medical and health administration field, providing state of the art courses and workshops and its fully equipped with the latest equipment, precision instruments and highly qualified medical professionals for organizing and conducting training programs and also utilizes high-tech equipment and instrumentation for advanced training on humanoids or teaching simulators (simulators are on courses such as 1st Aid, BLS, ACLS, ATLS, FCCS).

For more information please feel free to contact us to present you with the full spectrum of our CME services and to discuss any solution that can meet your corporate needs.